11 Ways to Plump Your Lips, from DIY Drugstore to Dermatologist (2023)

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From DIY to dermatologist, these options can be your quick fix or temporary tools for the perfect pout.

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Why are suddenly so many people looking to increase the size and smoothness of their lips? It’s not just because of Kylie Jenner and Instagram models — in fact, science has a theory that goes way further back than that.

The desire for plump lips isn’t just about thickness, it’s about hydration, health, and smoothness.

A 2009 study showed that women with bigger, fuller lips appear younger than their biological age. This study also showed that the fewer wrinkles a person had, the healthier (and therefore more hydrated) they appeared to others.

So in a world of chasing wellness, it’s not surprising that achieving full lips has become the latest aesthetic trend.

The good news is that just as trends are temporary, so are our options. If you’re unsure about longer-lasting solutions or just want to have some fun, then you’re in luck. From organic DIY to the perfect makeup solution, we’ve made this handy guide to navigating lip plumpers.

1. A DIY treatment: Cayenne pepper + olive oil

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If makeup doesn’t do the trick, you can start with this natural and tingly lip plumper — using only a few ingredients found in your kitchen.


  1. Mix a few sprinkles of cayenne pepper with a tablespoon of olive oil.
  2. Gently place the mixture on your lips and leave on for a few minutes before wiping it off completely and moisturizing with your favorite lip balm.

Though these results won’t last long, this is a great solution to snap a quick selfie or for a night out.

For people who are more sensitive, a simple sugar scrub can also smooth out chapped lips and get them blushing.

If you want fuller-looking lips, but don’t want to actually physically change your lips, then Kylie Jenner created her Kylie Lip Kits just for you.


  1. Using the lip liner, gently line right outside your natural lip shape and then fill in your entire lips.
  2. Place the matte liquid lipstick on top of the liner and finish off with a clear gloss in the middle of your bottom lip for the appearance of fuller-looking lips.

Though this will work with any color, for the most natural look aim for a color close to your natural lip color.

Where to buy

  • Kylie Cosmetics or Ulta, $29
  • Top active ingredients: diisopropyl dimer dilinoleate (for smooth appearance)

Stay organic with this cinnamon-flavored lip plumper.

Using ingredients such as cinnamon oil to plump your lips, caffeine to tighten, and jojoba oil for hydration, this cruelty-free lip plumper gives you an instant plumpness without all the chemicals.

Where to buy

  • Dermstore, $26
  • Top active ingredients: castor seed oil (hydration), cinnamon leaf (invigorate), caffeine (tighten skin)

A tried-and-true favorite in the beauty community, this Buxom lip polish uses vitamin E and palmitoyl oligopeptide, a peptide mixture used for anti-aging and skin firming, to give you that classic tingly lip plumping feeling and look.

Coming in a variety of colors, this is an excellent short-term solution.

Where to buy

  • Ulta or Sephora, $21
  • Top active ingredients: hydrogenated polyisobutene (synthetic oil that traps moisture), tridecyl trimellitate (conditions skin), and more moisturizing components
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This lip treatment is all about hydration.

Using the ingredient hyaluronic acid, this lip treatment deeply moisturizes your lips, erasing the chalky texture to give your kissers a fuller, more defined look. Bonus: This product has SPF 30 sun protection to keep the photodamage away.

Where to buy

  • Dermstore, $28
  • Top active ingredients: hydrogenated polyisobutene (synthetic oil that traps moisture), glycerin (moisturizer), palmitoyl tripeptide-38 (softens fine lines), hyaluronic acid (hydration)

A two-part system, the HA5 Smooth and Plump System uses dimethicone to reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin of the lips.

Combined with the hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid, this product is perfect for those looking for a lip plumper that also tackles the fine lines that come with time.

(Video) Should you exfoliate your lips? #dermatologist @DrDrayzday

Where to buy

  • Dermstore, $68
  • Top active ingredients: dimethicone (silicone to fill in fine lines), soybean oil (hydration), hyaluronic acid (hydration)

Another classic in the beauty world, this gloss uses capsicum frutescents resin, an ingredient made from chili peppers that dilates the blood vessels in your lips.

Like a heart swelling with love, this exchange causes a slight swell for a fuller, plumper-looking lip. Clear with a bit of shine, this can be used over lipstick or on bare lips.

Where to buy

  • Ulta or Sephora, $28
  • Top active ingredients: mineral oil (hydration), avocado oil (hydration), mica (fills in fine lines), ethylhexl palmitate (fatty acid that softens texture)

Widely used in cosmetic surgery, collagen is a protein found in the skin that promotes skin elasticity. This Murad lip formula infuses the lips with collagen to reduce fine lines, creating a fuller look to the lips.

This serum is color- and gloss-free while remaining hydrating and softening.

Where to buy

  • Murad, $24
  • Top active ingredients: glycerin (hydration), dimethicone (fill in fine lines)

Want a deeper, more permanent lip plumper — but not ready for cosmetic surgery? Then JuvaLips might be for you.

Using electronic stimulation and suction, JuvaLips increases blood flow to the lips causing your kissers to blush beautifully with size and color. Basically, it’s a more legit Kylie Lip Challenge.

The results can last up to 10 hours at a time, though with repeated use the plumpness may last even longer.

Where to buy

  • Juvalips, $128
  • Caution: Be careful as overuse may lead to bruising.

Tried all this and know you want something that lasts longer? Lip injections may be your answer.

Though lip implants and other types of fillers exist, Dr. David Shafer of Shafer Plastic Surgery recommends hyaluronic acid lip fillers above all others in terms of safety and ease.

The most common of the hyaluronic acid injectables are Juvederm and Restylane, because the effects are reversible.

Dr. Shafer, who injects between 20 to 30 patients a week, explains, “The hyaluronic acid fillers are [preferable] compared to other types of fillers since they can be ‘melted’ if there is an issue or if the patient doesn’t like the results. Other fillers can’t be easily removed.”

What to know

  • you can get it from any certified and accredited professional
  • cost ranges from $500-$2000
  • lasts six months to two years
  • Active ingredient: hyaluronic acid to increase collagen and add body and weight to your lips

Whether you’re looking for plumper lips for a night out or for the long haul, lip plumping is all about making your body work for you. You’re your most beautiful self when you’re empowered, so plump those lips baby, or don’t — whatever makes you feel like the best you.

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Hannah Rimm is a writer, photographer, and generally creative person in New York City. She writes primarily about mental and sexual health, and her writing and photography has appeared in Allure, HelloFlo, and Autostraddle. You can find her work at HannahRimm.com or follow her on Instagram.


How do dermatologists plump lips? ›

A dermatologist will first numb the lips. Next, they will use a fine needle to inject hyaluronic acid into the lips. The procedure only takes a few minutes and results in immediate voluminous lips.

What is the best DIY lip plumper recipe? ›

Mix 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of white sugar in a bowl. Take 1 tablespoon of olive or sweet almond oil. Mix all the ingredients well. Massage onto your lips for 5 to 10 minutes to help stimulate the blood flow (this will make your lips appear fuller)

What ingredient makes your lips bigger? ›

When applied topically on your lips, hyaluronic acid gives the appearance of fuller, plumper lips by hydrating the surface. Other moisturizing agents used in plumpers include oils, like jojoba and avocado oil, ceramides and butters, like shea and mango butter.

What oil is a natural lip plumper? ›

Women all over the world sing the praises of ingredients like cinnamon and peppermint oil for their natural lip-plumping powers.

Does baking soda plump your lips? ›

Introduction: Baking Soda Lip Scrub

It takes no time and no mess. It is simple to make and all you need to do is mix all the ingredients together. It is effective for your wallet and on your lips. This scrub will make your lips more plump, soft, and more hydrated.

How to get bigger lips naturally without makeup permanently? ›

Tips On How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller Without Makeup
  1. Exfoliate your lips. ...
  2. Make sure your skin is moisturized. ...
  3. Use a serum containing hyaluronic acid. ...
  4. Apply sunscreen. ...
  5. Consider including gua sha. ...
  6. Make sure you stay hydrated. ...
  7. Apply lip balm every day. ...
  8. Consider using a natural lip plumper.
Aug 1, 2022

What makes your lips bigger in the morning? ›

Why is my lip swollen when I wake up? It is common for lips to swell upon waking if you have consumed large amounts of salt the prior night. This causes the body to retain fluid, which may also cause swelling in the eyelids and the lips.

What can I put on my lips to make them soft? ›

Lip balm is the secret ingredient for smooth lips. As your lips cannot produce any moisture for themselves, when water evaporates from the lips, they can dry out. That's why its important to give your lips plenty of care. Lip balms usually contain higher oil content and beeswax which can help seal in moisture.

Can you plump your lips with toothpaste? ›


The toothpaste you use everyday can help you achieve plumper lips. Using your finger, apply a small amount on your lips, as if you're putting a lipstick.

What is the most natural lip enhancement? ›

Hyaluronic acid-based lip augmentation can hide and slow the effects of aging and make the lips look younger and more supple. Found in every cell in the body naturally, hyaluronic acid is the perfect choice when patients want to add volume and definition to their lips while maintaining that natural look.

What does cinnamon do to lips? ›

“Cinnamon actually irritates the lips and causes blood to rush towards them giving a more plushed and plumping effect,” she tells Teen Vogue. (Most lip-plumping glosses on the market also rely on irritants, derived from the likes of chili peppers and other ingredients, to achieve this effect.)

What chemical is used to plump lips? ›

Lip fillers consist of synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA) — HA is a natural substance in your body. There are many different brands of lip fillers, including Juvederm®, Restylane® and Perlane®.

Does cinnamon extract plump lips? ›

Cinnamon oil can certainly have a plumping effect on lips. It can cause blood to rush to the surface of your lips, giving them the fuller appearance that many people are after.

What does apple cider vinegar do to lips? ›

Apple Cider Vinegar acts as a natural lightening agent and removes the pigmentation from the lips. However, leaving it on your skin for too long may damage the skin due to its acidity.

What does lemon do to your lips? ›

Lemon is known for its incredible skin lightening properties. It clears away pigmentation, heals the topmost layer of the skin on your lips and results in visibly lighter lips. While lemon lightens pigmentation, honey hydrates the lips and makes them soft and supple.

Is there a way to naturally make your lips fuller that will last? ›

Using a lip scrub is a safe, natural way to plump your lips. Exfoliating your lips also removes dead skin cells and makes your lips smoother (ahem: extra kissable). Keep hydrated.

How can I make my lips puffy naturally? ›

How To Naturally Plump Up Your Lips?
  1. Exfoliate your lips.
  2. Apply a Moisturizing Mask.
  3. Moisturize Your Lips Regularly.
  4. Use a product with hyaluronic acid.
  5. Try Contouring.
  6. Plump Your Lips With Gymnastics.
  7. Use the Cold To Plump Up Your Lips.
Feb 15, 2023

Can you do your own lip injections at home? ›

Dermatologists have a laundry list of issues with needleless lip enhancements, and safety is a huge concern. "Injectable fillers are absolutely not safe to do yourself at home," says Dr. Zeichner. One of the biggest risks is the risk of vascular occlusion, which causes a blockage of a blood vessel, he says.

How do you make homemade lips? ›

How To Make Your Lips Naturally Pink?
  1. Use A Sugar Scrub. Scrub the lip skin with a mixture of one teaspoon each of almond oil and honey and two teaspoons of sugar. ...
  2. Use Beetroot. ...
  3. Use Aloe Vera And Honey. ...
  4. Exfoliate Regularly. ...
  5. Use Sunscreen. ...
  6. Moisturise Regularly. ...
  7. Hydrate Internally. ...
  8. Essential/Vitamin E Oil.
Aug 25, 2022

Does dehydration make lips bigger? ›

Hydration is necessary for achieving plump lips. Your lips dry out faster than the rest of your face because the skin there is very thin, and there aren't any oil glands to produce natural sebum to moisturize them. Just like skin, lips are less wrinkly when they're kept hydrated and moisturized.

Can your lips get bigger as you get older? ›

Results: Length of the philtrum and lip width significantly increased with age while upper and lower lip lengths and length of the lower oral commissure significantly decreased with age. The angle of the upper lip tended to decrease with age, but this finding was no significance.

Why did my lips get bigger overnight? ›

Other than mouth trauma, several conditions can cause swollen lips to appear in the morning, including allergic reactions or medical conditions affecting the skin, nerves, or facial muscles. Dental work can also be a trigger.

What oil makes your lips soft? ›

What to look for in the best lip oils. “Lip oils are composed of oils from ingredients such as almond, olive, jojoba, coconut, avocado, hemp seed, castor oil, and rosehip,” says Dr. Maiman. “These natural ingredients contain fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that are ultra-nourishing and hydrating.”

What's the difference between lip filler and lip plump? ›

Lip fillers provide instant results, very short recovery time, low risks and a less expensive option. However, they need repeat treatments. Meanwhile, lip augmentation procedures provide dramatic, very long-lasting results, but they have higher risks, longer recovery time, and they cost more.

How long does suction lip plumping last? ›

Results vary and are temporary but typically last between 1 and 4 hours!

How long does lip plumping treatment last? ›

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last? The results of lip filler injections are usually temporary, lasting for six months to a year before the filler is broken down and absorbed by the body.


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