80 Rip Wheeler Quotes on Courage and Love (2023)

Let these Rip Wheeler quotes inspire you to be brave and fight your way through life.

Rip Wheeler is a character played by Cole Hauser in Yellowstone, an American TV series. He is a ranch hand in the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and a close friend of John Dutton. Despite not being a part of the Dutton family, he is the soul of Yellowstone that helps the series keep going.

Furthermore, throughout the series, he is portrayed as a fearless and brute man who leads and protects the ranch. Rip Wheeler is also a charming and admirable character full of wisdom and a fighting spirit.

So, if he is your favorite character in the series, don’t miss out on this collection of his most memorable and meaningful quotes!

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Best Rip Wheeler Quotes

Best Tulip Quotes To Show You The B...

Best Tulip Quotes To Show You The Beauty In Resilience

1. “Well, it’s hard to measure an ‘almost’ because ‘almost’ doesn’t matter.”

2. “There are sharks and minnows in this world, Jimmy, and if you don’t know which one you are, then you ain’t a f*cking shark.”

3. “You see, it’s the habit of living that you’re scared of losing, that’s all.”

4. “I see things in people, and I feel like if I can touch it, even if the rest of the person is rotten, I can take that good thing and make it part of me.”

5. “You know, when you boil life down, it’s funny just how little you need, isn’t it?”

6. “Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but everything you know and everyone you see everywhere is gonna die. Shit, you might just cheat death yet.”

7. “I was born on a dead-end road, honey. This world doesn’t need another generation of me.”

Iconic Rip Wheeler Quotes and One-Liners

8. “I wish that they’d come back to life so I could kill ’em again.”

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9. “I don’t choose the way. I make sure no one questions yours.”

10. “You want to fight somebody, you come fight me. I’ll fight you all goddamn day.”

11. “I’d rather kill a thousand men than shoot another horse.”

12. “I’m gonna give you one last chance. You leave now, or you never leave.”

13. “Be a man about it. Don’t scream.”

14. “You know what work is, don’t you?”

15. “It ain’t about the money, Walker. It’s about trust.”

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Rip Wheeler Quotes to Help You Learn About Life

16. “Boy, get over here. The only painless way to learn this lesson is to watch it.”

17. “This is for your protection, Lloyd. This is to protect you from yourself.”

18. “Just a little reminder. They might let us stay here gettin’ old and dusty, but all we are is tools to them. That’s all we’ll ever be.”

19. “It’s just, I get mad sometimes, and this is how it comes out.”

20. “What a f*ckin’ mess you’ve made of your last second chance. Life is a lesson, boy, one long lesson, but you’ve got to look to learn them, and you ain’t f*ckin’ lookin’!”

21. “These guys they just work here, Jimmy, you’ll see, a thousand will come and go but not us, we die here.”

22. “Y’all wanted revenge? Well, now you got it. There is a price to pay for revenge. Now, you gotta pay it.”

23. “People have been saying that for a hundred years, Beth. I mean, they thought that barbed wire was going to ruin the frontier. There it is. The frontier is all around us.”

24. “I forgot somethin’ that you forgot to get rid of.”

25. “Why don’t you let me work with the boy? There’s a man in there somewhere. Sometimes, it just takes another man to find it.”

Romantic Rip Wheeler Quotes That Will Sweep You off Your Feet

26. “Hey, mama. I met somebody. I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with her. I could’ve gone to some store and bought her some f*ckin’ ring, but what does that mean? I’m sorry. I shouldn’t curse. I want her to wear yours. Maybe you can, uh, maybe you can know her too, somehow. I don’t know. I love you, mom. Thank you.”

27. “I look at every day with you as a gift.”

28. “Hey, you’re all I need. I’ll call you whatever you want.”

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29. “I love her, sir, and I’ll always take care of her.”

30. “‘I’m sorry’ are two words you never have to say to me.”

31. “My tomorrows are, well, they’re all words. There’s no word I’d rather call you if that’s what you want.”

32. “Maybe in a little bit. First, we’re gonna dance.”

33. “I love you. I love you.”

34. “I don’t need presents, Beth. Just you.”

35. “My tomorrows are all yours.”

Badass Rip Wheeler Quotes That Show His Courage and Strength

36. “I’m the one thing you can’t outwrestle here.”

37. “Hey, come here. When we get back to the ranch, I’m gonna kill you with my bare f*ckin’ hands. I’m gonna kill you for this.”

38. “They’ll hate you. Sir, they’ll hate you for doin’ it. It’s my job. I’ll do it.”

39. “I’ll bury you where you f*cking stand. Get the f*ck out of here.”

40. “You ask them questions, Kayce, and the questions will never stop. You tell me what you need, and I’ll take care of it. They won’t question me.”

41. “What’s the rule about fighting, Fred?”

42. “Best we came up with, sir, is like f*ck it, you know? Let’s get up there as fast as we can and chase those sons of a b*tches down the mountain.”

43. “You let me handle the wranglers, and you’ll have both. That’s my job.”

44. “Nah, I’m gonna watch you leave this state. Look at me motherf*cker. I wanna see it.”

45. “That’s to keep your whining *ss shut. You want off this ranch. You got it. I’ll drive your *ss to the train station myself.”

Powerful Rip Wheeler Quotes

46. “You know why people don’t come talk to you? Because they’re scared they’ll let you down. I know I am.”

47. “There’s plenty of good in you, Beth, and none in that son of a b*tch. Trust me.”

48. “When the f*ck did the bunkhouse become paradise island? I mean, come on, Lloyd. You gotta be kidding me.”

49. “Baby, you’ve been doin’ whatever you want your whole damn life.”

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50. “No shit, they’re angry, Jimmy. Their job’s to f*ck, and they ain’t f*cked in six months.”

51. “Jimmy, I’m gonna give you two choices, one is I take you and all this shit, and I drive you down to the Sheriff’s office, and it’s good riddance to your sorry *ss, or you prove that you deserve another chance. From what I can see, you don’t, but it ain’t up to me.”

52. “They don’t work with you, Kayce. They work for you, and these are questions you should be asking your father.”

53. “Getting in trouble is the only skill you got. The only difference now is you ain’t gonna get caught.”

54. “Jimmy, you need to stop listening to those yahoos in the bunkhouse. There ain’t no such thing as luck. But I sure believe in stupid because you prove it every f*cking day.”

55. “I want you to listen to me. He’s not our son. No matter who he becomes, he never will be. Nobody will.”

56. “We’re looking for something, but you won’t tell me what. What is it?”

57. “I mean, I, I’d like to have some diamonds, actually.”

58. “You, Jimmy, they’re cursors boy, just you alone Jimmy? I’ll take that as yes.”

59. “You gotta be kidding me, Jimmy. You risked your life for a f*ckin’ belt buckle?”

60. “We need to know who he told and what, Kayce, and then I gotta put that problem in the ground. But before I do that, you’re gonna tell me why the f*ck that problem is still breathing.”

Memorable Rip Wheeler Quotes and Conversations

61. John Dutton: “Let’s pretend that’s Walker sittin’ over there. What would you do to him?”

Rip Wheeler: “You know what I’d do, sir.”

62. Rip Wheeler: “Is it a one-shot or is it a two-shot day?”

Beth Dutton: “It’s a pour the bottle in a bucket kind of day.”

63. Rip Wheeler: “This makes you happy, don’t it?”

Beth Dutton: “It does.”

Rip Wheeler: “You wanna know why? ‘Cause he’s got a mean streak like a f*cking badger.”

64. Beth Dutton: “I believe in loving with your whole soul and destroying anything that wants to kill what you love. That’s it. That’s all there is.”

Rip Wheeler: “I believe in the same thing.”

65. Beth Dutton: “Well, that’s what it means. It means that you have me, that I’m yours. It means come live your life with me. The only thing I ask is that you outlive me so I never live another day without you.”

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Rip Wheeler: “I can try to do that.”

Short Rip Wheeler Quotes to Make You Feel Nostalgic

66. “There’s no record that I even exist on this planet.”

67. “Now, I’m going to ride off into the sunset.”

68. “You wanna go get drunk and watch some wolves kill and elk in a park?”

69. “I can’t think of a better day for it, sir.”

70. “Walker’s been done for an hour. Lloyd’s got no quit in him.”

More Rip Wheeler Quotes

71. “We’re well past playing hard to get, don’t you think, Beth?”

72. “This is gonna be one of those f*cking days I never should have gotten out of bed. Go get your f*cking *ss in the truck.”

73. “I feel kinda silly feedin’ animals today. I should be helping.”

74. “I’m talking about the letter. Nobody’s ever given me anything like that before.”

75. “I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you run buck *ss naked through that field, and I’ll sit here in my jeans and watch you do it? What do you say?”

76. “You’re a two-time loser, Jimmy. One more felony and they throw away the keys. You know what? You might do all right in prison. You got the lips for it.”

77. “You know, sir, I wanted to thank you. I just haven’t had, um, wasn’t the right time.”

78. “Hey! You! Where’d you learn to cowboy?”

79. “I don’t want a bunch of kids running around this f*cking house. I don’t even like dogs.”

80. “Lloyd, the boss is coming home today, and I want people around.”

Which Rip Wheeler Quote Fired You up for the Day?

It is hard to go on and move forward in life when we are constantly being held in our past. We may lose hope and will to live and grow in the future, but we must also remember that we are the ones dictating where we will end up.

We can learn a lot from Rip Wheeler’s past and character in the series. Before coming to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, he carries the trauma of witnessing his stepfather murdering his mother and sibling. No one is as strong as Rip, who continues to fight his way through life despite being the only survivor.

Aside from his courage and determination, he is also a man full of love and respect. We hope that these Rip Wheeler quotes were able to give you the drive to persevere no matter what you face in life.

Which Rip Wheeler quote is your favorite? Do you have other favorite characters from the TV series? Comment them below!


What is a famous rip wheeler quote? ›

Rip Wheeler Quotes

"There's sharks and minnows in this world. If you don't know which you are, you ain't a shark." "'I'm sorry' are two words you never have to say to me." "I wish that they'd come back to life so I could kill 'em again."

What is the quote from Rip to Beth? ›

5. Rip to Beth (Season 3, Episode 4) “I was born on a dead-end road, honey. This world doesn't need another generation of me.”

What episode does rip tell Beth he loves her? ›

"Behind Us Only Grey" (Season 2, Episode 8)

Confined to bed to heal, he wakes to the image of Beth's battered face. With his first words, he wishes her attackers could come back to life, just so he could kill them again — as true a Rip Wheeler “I love you” as there ever was!

What does rip say on Yellowstone? ›

“You wanna fight, Fred, you come fight me! I'll fight you all g*ddamn day!” “'I'm sorry' are two words you never have to say to me.” “You see, it's the habit of living that you're scared of losing, that's all.”

What is the most famous quote from a movie? ›

A jury consisting of 1,500 film artists, critics, and historians selected "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn", spoken by Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in the 1939 American Civil War epic Gone with the Wind, as the most memorable American movie quotation of all time.

What did Rip say to Beth about crazy? ›

Rip (Cole Hauser) is playing with fire by urging Beth to “put the crazy away,” but I get it.

What is Beth Dutton badass quotes? ›

More Quotes From Beth Dutton

Just tell me who to fight. I know that now, and now is all that matters. Don't judge us for the way we're protecting the thing we're giving you. Your company will be chapter eleven by Friday, and since we are your largest creditors, I can promise you there'll be no negotiating then.

Does Beth love Rip on Yellowstone? ›

Beth is Rip's first and only love

Rip came to the Dutton Ranch when he and Beth were young teens, and their love story began not long after. But when fans first meet the characters in Yellowstone Season 1, the duo has been apart from each other for years.

What is the nickname for Beth Dutton? ›

Kelly Reilly — “Beth Dutton”

Given the moniker “Hatchet Man,” by those who know her, Beth is unrelenting in her duties, even when war is waging all around—and often within her.

What is the most romantic episode of Yellowstone? ›

'1923': Spencer and Alex's Adventure Is 'Yellowstone' at Its Most Romantic. 1923 as a whole has centered the young love stories of the Dutton family. Editor's note: The below contains spoilers for Episode 6 of 1923.1923 is, so far, the most romantic of the Taylor Sheridan universe.

What does Rip say to Beth on Yellowstone? ›

"Beth, love of my life," he says in the snippet. "I don't think I can survive two days alone. And God knows that you hate horses and cattle and being dirty and cold, and especially being told what to do. All of which is going to happen tomorrow.

What are the best quotes on Yellowstone? ›

I'd rather kill a thousand men than shoot another horse.” “I was born on a dead-end road, honey. This world doesn't need another generation of me.” “There's sharks and minnows in this world, Jimmy, and if you don't know which one you are, then you ain't a shark.”

What are some Yellowstone famous lines? ›

Tough Love Yellowstone Quotes
  • "You realize you ain't dead, and you're not gonna die, and you gotta face all the decisions you made." — John. ...
  • "The whole world's a test, son. ...
  • "My mother was the spine of this family. ...
  • "No one will mourn your loss, son, because this isn't losing your life; this is quitting it." — John.
Jul 4, 2021

Why do we love rip in Yellowstone? ›

Hauser gives an excellent portrayal of the character, with Rip quickly becoming a fan-favorite character due to his loyalty to the Dutton family and his relationship with Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly).

What are 5 famous quotes? ›

Quotes by Famous People
  • The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. - ...
  • The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. - ...
  • Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. ...
  • If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor. -
Jan 2, 2023

What is the most famous line of all time? ›

Famous Movie Quotes
  • “ May the Force be with you.” - Star Wars, 1977.
  • “ There's no place like home.” - The Wizard of Oz, 1939.
  • “ I'm the king of the world!” - ...
  • “ Carpe diem. ...
  • “ Elementary, my dear Watson.” - ...
  • “ It's alive! ...
  • “ My mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. ...
  • “ I'll be back.” -
Sep 21, 2018

What does Beth want rip to call her? ›

Calling Rip “Baby”

Rip asks what Beth wants him to call her, and she says, “wife.” Sadly, she quickly takes it back and runs away. She later clarifies the reason why she always runs away.

What was Beth and rips promise to each other? ›

After their engagement, Beth and Rip promise each other a lifetime and more together. What is this? The two seal their promise to each other after getting married in the season 4 finale.

What did Beth text rip before she was attacked? ›

Rip saving Beth's life

She manages to get a text sent to Rip saying "office help" just before they start savagely beating her and her assistant, Jason. After shooting Jason in the head, one of the attackers throws Beth on the table, and Rip shows up just in time to save the day.

What personality disorder does Beth Dutton have? ›

Beth Dutton: ENTJ

She is fiercely competitive, and always wants to be the best at everything she does. ENTJs are high achievers and this can be said for Beth.

Why was Evelyn Dutton so hard on Beth? ›

It turns out she was hard on her because she wanted to toughen her up. Evelyn even said something to Beth the day the young girl got her first period. Evelyn says that everything will change for Beth starting that day. She made her aware that she was entering a world dominated by men.

What is Beth Dutton favorite drink? ›

Fans of the show have discovered which of the show's characters drinks it. In the hit television show, Beth Dutton is known for her love of bourbon.

Does Beth marry Rip? ›

Viewers watched Rip and Kelly Reilly's Beth Dutton wed in the season 4 finale as her dad, John, prepared to take on the role of governor of Montana. “I don't think it'll affect anything when it comes to decision making,” Hauser told Us about life on the ranch post-wedding.

What secret does Beth tell RIP? ›

In Yellowstone Season 3, it was revealed via flashback that Beth (Kelly Reilly) got pregnant with Rip Wheeler's (Cole Hauser) child as a teenager. She turned to her adopted brother Jamie (Wes Bentley) and trusted him to help her. But in an effort to be discreet, they didn't go to an abortion clinic.

What is Jimmy's full name on Yellowstone? ›

Jefferson White is an American actor. He plays Jimmy Hurdstrom on the Paramount Network series Yellowstone and Sean O'Neil on Chicago P.D. on NBC.

What was the name of the oldest Dutton? ›

Lee Dutton was the oldest son of John and Evelyn Dutton, and John's Ranch Hand. Lee was born before his father inherited the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, therefore essentially built the ranch with his father.

What is Dutton ranch actually called? ›

Believe it or not, the stunning scenery portrayed as the Dutton family ranch is the real-life Chief Joseph Ranch. That's right! Yellowstone is filmed at the Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby, Montana.

How old was Beth when she got pregnant? ›

The third season episode titled 'Cowboys and Dreamers' shows how Beth was about fifteen years old when she became pregnant. Beth was hooking up with Rip at that time and it is implied that the baby was his.

Are Beth and Kayce twins? ›

Are Beth and Kayce twins? John and Evelyn Dutton were blessed with three more children: Kayce has two brothers (Lee and Jamie) and a sister (Beth). They grew up together on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Who is the father of Beth's baby? ›

Who was Beth's baby daddy in Yellowstone? The third season episode titled 'Cowboys and Dreamers' shows how Beth was about fifteen years old when she became pregnant. Beth was hooking up with Rip at that time and it is implied that the baby was his.

Who is the girl in love with Kayce on Yellowstone? ›

Yellowstone's character Kayce Dutton played by Luke Grimes, dated Bianca Rodrigues for several years and got married to her in 2018. Bianca Rodrigues has been actively posting her adorable romantic life with Grimes. They will celebrate their fourth marriage anniversary in November 2022.

Who is the hottest cowboy on Yellowstone? ›

People's Sexiest Man Alive Edition | Yellowstone series, Cole hauser, Sexy cowboys.

Do Beth and rip love each other? ›

The Cast of “Yellowstone” is Back

Season 5 of Yellowstone hit the ground running, and while there were many changes, one thing remained the same — Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Rip (Cole Hauser)'s love for one another.

Does Beth and Rip have a baby? ›

The simple answer is no. If that's the case, then why can't Beth Dutton have kids? If you've been watching the series for a while now, you'd know Beth is infertile. During season three of Yellowstone, fans learned that she is incapable of having children.

What is Kayce Dutton best quotes? ›

The Best Kayce Dutton Quotes

"God sure finds interesting ways to put people out of business." "If I'm going to lose you, it's going to be about what I did, not because I lied to you." "The only thing I've got left is to make a future for my son. This is the only thing I've got to give him."

What is the main lesson of Yellowstone? ›

Above all in YELLOWSTONE, the most important thing—the tie that binds—is family. And, whether you know it or not, it's the same for you.

What is Rip Wheeler's best quotes? ›

Rip Wheeler Quotes

"There's sharks and minnows in this world. If you don't know which you are, you ain't a shark." "'I'm sorry' are two words you never have to say to me." "I wish that they'd come back to life so I could kill 'em again."

Does Yellowstone have a slogan? ›

Disneyland may be the "happiest place on earth" but the motto "like no place on earth" undoubtedly belongs to Yellowstone National Park.

What is the Yellowstone family quotes? ›

John Dutton Quotes

Learn to be meaner than evil and still love your family and enjoy a sunrise.” “Your grandfather used to say you can't fix a broken wagon wheel, but you can use the parts to make a new one.” “It's the one constant in life. You build something worth having, someone's gonna try to take it.”

Why is rip so loyal? ›

As they took him in as a teenager, he became a part of the family as he got a fresh start in life. He even has a Yellowstone brand on his chest to remind him of his duty to the ranch. Thanks to the opportunity John gave him after the tragic deaths of his mother and brother, Rip has been a loyal ranch hand.

Why does Beth love Rip? ›

It's not that Beth really likes Walker — he's a distraction. Rip was a central part of her bad day, and she knows he is always there for her. There is no doubt that Rip is the only man she loves, and before long their spat will fizzle out and they will return to each other.

What was Rips promise Yellowstone? ›

An emotional Rip then listens as John explains how the teen can avoid going to prison. "There's a thing I could do, but if I do it you don't ever leave this place," he says. "You'll be part of this ranch until the day you die and you will do for this ranch what I say do, no matter what that is.

What are some quotes from Rip Van Winkle? ›

A tart temper never mellows with age, and a sharp tongue is the only edged tool that grows keener with constant use.” “The pumpkin itself is a symbol for mortality.” “The only way to fight the darkness around us is to light a fire within us.”

What did Rip say to Beth on Yellowstone? ›

They end up drinking in a car while watching a pack of wolves devour an elk. While there, Rip tells Beth she hasn't aged and might even cheat death. In response, Beth, with whiskey in hand, boldly runs out of the car and runs towards the pack of wolves. She yells at the feral beasts, telling them to run away.

What did rip say he spent his money on? ›

Rip Wheeler : Oh, Beth, it's a nice night. Let's not ruin it with the truth. Beth Dutton : Tell me. Rip Wheeler : I spent $22,000 on my mom's headstone.

Why did the children love Rip Van Winkle? ›

Rip Van Winkle was a good-natured man. He was a kind neighbour and was ready to help everyone. He played with the children of the village, taught them how to fly kites, shoot marbles and told them long stories. Was this answer helpful?

What is positive message idea in Rip Van Winkle? ›

"Rip Van Winkle" does have a moral, or lesson. The message of "Rip Van Winkle" is that change is inevitable and necessary.

Does the story of Rip Van Winkle teach us anything what? ›

The Rip Van Winkle story with pictures teaches our children to work hard and not waste their lives away. You must teach your child to have dreams, expectations and goals for their life and not expect things to happen for them on their own.

What is Beth Dutton's drink of choice? ›

Characters including John and Beth Dutton previously had been Bulleit Bourbon drinkers. Now they've switched to Buffalo Trace and Weller, which is made by the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort.

Does Beth love Rip? ›

Once childhood sweethearts, their relationship has bloomed into one of true love. Over the past four seasons of Yellowstone, we have seen the best Beth and Rip moments. From their crazy first date to their wholesome proposal and everything in between, their romance is never dull.

How much does rip get paid per episode of Yellowstone? ›

Cole Hauser per episode on Yellowstone earns a reported $200,000. That means for each season of 10 episodes, the actor earns around $2 million.

What is Rips full name on Yellowstone? ›

The complete story of Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) from season one of Yellowstone.


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